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24/7 Towing is the Elite provider of Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery services on I-65 in Central Alabama. From roadside services to towing a loaded semi, we can take care of your needs quickly. Downtime costs money and we are staffed to treat your emergency like our own! 24/7 Towing has over 100 tons of combined towing and recovery equipment ready at a moments notice so we can handle all your light, medium and heavy towing and recovery needs. One Call and You’re Hooked! So give us a call at 205-590-3869

Top Services


The best mechanics around will service your truck/trailer to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We have a mechanic on duty 24/7, so all your needs will be fulfilled quickly and with the best care. We do not repair anything that is not included in the service quote, therefore, there are no financial surprises.


We have a 28,000 sq. ft. storage lot that is secured with camera monitoring systems. One of our a staff members is on site 24/7 to help make sure any vehicle stored on our property is protected with the best care we can provide. You can be rest assured that your vehicle and your belongings within your vehicle are safe and secure while in our storage lot.


We carry most popular sized RV, truck and trailer tires that are available 24/7. We are here to help keep your downtime to a minimum and your safety to the maximum. If you have any questions regarding our storage lot, please direct your inquiries to our office by calling 205-590-3869.


If you think hiring a professionally licensed and certified towing and recovery company is expansive, just wait until you hire an unprofessional, uncertified, unlicensed and uninsured/under insured company.

Though there are many towing companies in our area, you can find out if the company you are hiring is professional and licensed & insured to do business as a towing company.

Many states require a towing company to maintain a minimum insurance policy of one million dollars. If the towing company tows your vehicle across state lines, they are required by federal laws to have a department of transportation number. All tow companies have their vehicles inspected by DOT annually. To see if the company you are hiring is a safe and insured company, ask them for their DOT number and then search their DOT number on the SAFER website here. Do not let your vehicle be towed by an unprofessional! Call Us!

We Offer

Lock-out and fuel delivery services are just another service which we provide. If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle or in need of fuel, give us a call.


  • The National Tow List is a service which is available worldwide for those needing towing services.

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